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Located in Serrana/SP, offers adjustment, repair, customization and construction services for musical instruments.

Founded in 2015 by friends Flávio Siodoni and Mateus Manduca, Siodoni Luthieria initially focused on the manufacture of handmade instruments, using alternative materials, referring to the beginnings of American black music, so its specialty is the construction of Cigar Box Guitars.

Currently, we manufacture not only Cigar Box Guitars, but also Shovel Guitars (Guiparra) and other electric string instruments (guitars and basses).

We prioritize the use of reused wood, whether from demolition or old furniture, we always focus on sustainability.

Our construction process is entirely handmade, as we believe that each instrument must be unique in its characteristics and details.

The projects are always made with the active participation of the client, so that it is present throughout the creation process.

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