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Acoustic guitar inspired by the model Martin "000". Built with the traditional Spanish method except for the braces system of the guitar soundboard (the soundboard arch is present in the bridge area; the section between the soundhole and the guitar neck is flat). Very enhanced marked arched areas give a deeper timbre and a very god sound compression.


Scale length: 642 mm
Nut Width: 48mm
Bridge String Spacing: 59mm
Frets to body: 12°
Top Wood: Italian red spruce
Back / Side: Santos Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Bridge: Ebony
Bridge pin: Ebony
Fingerboard: Ebony
Binding: Maple / Rosewood
Rosette: Maple / Rosewood
Fingerboard inlays: Mother of pearl
Braces: Italian red spruce
Guitar linings: Traditional kerfing / Basswood
Truss-road: Double action
Finishing: Polyurethane
Tuners: Schaller
Nut: Black TusQ

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  • 4500
  • € (Euro)
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Tweed case included, allen keys for truss rod

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