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After a career of 35 years as a professional recording and touring guitar player, I built a guitar for myself, attempting to fix all drawbacks that I had witnessed first-hand on my own personal guitars. Headstocks, strap-button-screws that would simply break, poor balance on the strap, most importantly a total unapologetic lack of versatility in electric guitars, yes I started keeping a list of my complaints, or 'list of bitchings' as I called it. I set out to build a guitar that would not have these characteristics, and that also would be a joy to look at. I showed my finished guitar around, and started receiving orders, and compliments:

Paul Reed Smith said: "YOU made this? You will be making many more guitars my friend";

Les Paul said: "This is as close to what I've been working on as I've seen."

Rich Robinson said: "You have re-defined what is possible with a custom-made guitar"

So I left behind my day job as a guitar player to become a guitar builder. I started a company and began building in earnest. Then of course I made some poor business decisions and put some regrettable signatures, or as Keith Richard calls that: "It's the price of an education."

So here I am now, living and building in southern Spain, re-united with my wife and two children (commuting between the USA and Spain got old) and (like everybody) hoping for the best!

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