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As a professional bass guitar player who operates in a musical environment where upright bass is the norm, I have experimented with various instruments to find a good acoustic bass sound. I always thought that a bass instrument based on a cello should be an interesting avenue to explore. After several prototypes, I had developed an instrument surpassed my expectations: The Bace (it's short for Bass Cello)! The Bace is designed to be played like a bass guitar, so it can be played horizontally sitting down, but if you choose to use the endpin, also upright like a contrabass, or alternatively: in cello position.

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    • 28 May 2023 9 h 28 min local time

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      11 May 2023 at 22 h 04 min

      Great creation! Amazing sound!!! Very good idea, Congratulations. Christophe

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