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This is a handmade CTrietsch Ukuleles tenor sized ukulele completed in 2013, and built on Long Island, New York. The luthier, Christopher Trietsch, is an avid ukulele player who writes, records, and performs original instrumental music on his own handmade ukuleles. All of his experience as a musician and recording artist informs his building so that he truly understands how to craft high quality ukuleles. In each build, he captures superior tone and depth of sound, building ukuleles that are a joy to play and hold in your hands.

This tenor ukulele was crafted in special collaboration with the American Chestnut Foundation in 2012 in an effort to raise awareness and educate the community about the American Chestnut tree. We became interested in building an ukulele from American Chestnut wood after making ukuleles from other local hardwoods native to Long Island. Referred to as the “Redwood of the East,” the American Chestnut tree once accounted for 25% of the total trees in the Appalachian forests. In 1904, a fungus disease called “blight” was first discovered in the tree and by 1950, the species was virtually wiped out. The few remaining American Chestnut trees struggle to grow more than a couple feet tall, and conservationists have been working for many years to try to cross pollinate the surviving trees to develop a blight resistant American Chestnut. For more information on the American Chestnut, you can visit The American Chestnut Foundation at

Through Allen Nichols of the American Chestnut Foundation, we were able to obtain a few board feet of American Chestnut cut from dead standing trees in the 1950’s and placed in storage since then. Unfortunately, the dead standing trees were subject to insect infestation and the wood became “wormy” before conservationists were able to process and store it. The worm holes are visible on this ukulele and were filled with an epoxy-sawdust mix to make the wood workable and structurally sound. The filled holes are a reminder of the history of the American Chestnut tree and the blight that destroyed so much of its population.

American Chestnut has turned out to be an excellent tone wood, and this ukulele is packed with special features designed to capture superior tone and playability. An innovative X-bracing system on the soundboard has kept the instrument light while delivering a punchy, yet full tone across all 4 strings. A player’s port, or sound port, was designed into the upper bout of the instrument for enhanced player feedback, but it also increases the ukulele’s projection and presence. The playing action of the strings is silky smooth on this ukulele due to a zero fret installed in front of the nut. The zero fret combined with a carefully filed saddle keeps the strings close to the fretboard so that the player can use minimal pressure while fretting, but can also dig in without any buzzing. As you work your way up the fret board, a sharp cutaway in the upper bout allows for better access to the upper frets and even more playing comfort.

*I do have a similar model cutaway tenor in solid Mahogany available at the same price as this ukulele. The Mahogany ukulele boasts a beautiful inlayed flower on the headstock with hand engraved details as well as a hand carved and stippled neck heel design. Please message me if you are interested and I can send you the full description, specs, pictures, and sound sample for the Mahogany ukulele.*


Ukulele Dimensions: Lower bout: 9 1/4”, Upper bout: 7” , Waist: 6” , Overall Length: 27” , Depth: 3” , Body Length: 11 3/4”

*Includes a tweed hard case with plush liner


Tenor size - 17" scale length

14 frets to the body, 18 frets total

Sharp Cutaway

Innovative X-bracing system

Abalone position markers and sound hole rosette

Rosewood family (bubinga) fingerboard and bridge

Solid wood binding

Oval sound port

Bound body and fingerboard

Solid American Chestnut body and neck

Zero fret for silky smooth playing action

Wood sourced from The American Chestnut Foundation (

Open book headstock design

Domed top and back

Open back, Grover geared tuners - 14:1 ratio and white buttons

Bone Nut and Saddle

Compensated Saddle for improved intonation

Thin, hand-rubbed gloss finish

Nickel Silver Frets

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Price includes the instrument professionally set up and strung with Daddario EJ65T nylon strings and a tweed hard case. I do have sound samples available.

Shipping is not included in the price. I am shipping from New York and will be happy to get a shipping estimate for you.

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