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I was born in Cremona, the birth place of violin making in the 16th century and the city of Andrea Amati, Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri. Steeped in history, present-day Cremona flourishes with ancient artisan workshops, where techniques and knowledge of the craft is handed down from generation to generation.

From the age of nine my dream was to become a master violin maker. Several years later, I began my course of study at the world renowned “Antonio Stradivari” International School of Violin Making, where I graduated in 1994. For the next three years I apprenticed in the workshop of Maestro Marco Nolli. Following the classical Cremonese method, I perfected my skills in the construction of violins, violas and cellos. Since then, I have participated in numerous competitions, including Baveno, Bagnacavallo, Moscow and Cremona. I obtained my first honorable mentions at the age of 17 for being the youngest finalist.

In 2020 I celebrate my 23rd anniversary as a violin maker. The passion I have for classical music and lutherie has led me to continually search for ways of improving the sound and construction of my instruments. In my quest for professional growth, my making has evolved to include antiqued instruments as well as antique copies. While my inspiration comes from the great classical masters, my instruments reflect my personality, a quality with renders them truly unique.

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