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The classical or Spanish guitar is at the very heart of Maderas Barber's history. It was a small purchase of spruce tops brought from Germany that started this adventure more than six decades ago.

Since then we have added more than 80 different woods to our catalog, but there are some specific woods that suits better to build a classical guitar.

For the top, light and flexible woods are usually used. The vast majority of tops are built with one of the different Spruce species-German, Engelmann, Sitka, Adirondack, Alpine Spruce- or Red Cedar.

For other parts such as the back, sides, fingerboard or bridge, heavier and stiffer woods are used. Some of them are Ebony, different Rosewoods (Honduran, Amazon, Indian), Ziricote, Walnut, Brazilian Lacewood and the list can go on.

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    • Calle Islas Baleares 42, 46988 Paterna, Provincia de Valencia, España

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