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This electric guitar is one of a new kind. It has been hand carved and made out of old and stable piece of maple and mahogany. The knobs and switch control are place on either side of the body, giving the space to the player to move freely but also to control his/her instrument in the most intuitive way possible.

The Apollo model also has a neck-through-body construction. The same piece of wood that makes up the neck makes up the body. This method is known as the neck type that offers the best overall sustain and resonance. The strings will vibrate the entire piece of wood that is housing the pickups, and transfer sound to the amp.

This instrument is eco friendly! The mahogany come from one hundred year old snooker table and the maple sycamore has been cut twenty five years ago in Dartmoor.
We are also lucky to have the Bare Knuckle pickups industry in the south west of England not far from the workshop.


All dimensions, tonewood details and pictures available on the website.

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  • 5420
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Please note that the price includes the case and the shipping inside Europe.

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