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The Virtual Luthiers Summit Is An Event Specifically Designed to Help Instrument Makers, Fine Violin Makers and Luthiers.

You are going to learn:

1. The Ancient Master’s Method
for creating rich-sounding violoncellos da spalla or any stringed instrument of your choice.

2. Winning The Money Game
How to price your instruments for success in an overly competitive industry where everything and everyone is trying to push your prices down.

3. How To Create a Market For What You Love
and get fully booked. Even if you want to offer something as unique as the Violoncello da spalla. Or an exotic guitar.

4. How To Build Your Brand
as a luthier, elevate the perceived value of your work, attract more respect, recognition and revenue in your workshop. Or take your existing and already established brand to the next level.

5. How To Bring Back To Life A Musical Instrument

even if it is something as exotic as the predecessor of the modern day cello.

And a Lot More... 


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Check dates of the forthcoming event here. 


Disclaimer: This even is 100% FREE of charge, there is no credit card involved. The reason it is FREE is because once you learn everything, you might want to hire me later to help you with fast, comprehensive implementation of the strategies in your workshop. However, this Event is free of charge, yet it is packed full of insightful information.

So, check dates, and join. Make sure to bring a large notepad and several pens of different colours so you can take plenty of notes, dramatically increase chances of your success and hopefully join our ever-growing list of luthier success stories.

Normally LIVE, in a group or 1-on-1 setting, this even is normally held at a five-star resort on the Canaries, Madeira Islands or a sailboat in The Netherlands, this event is Virtual.

Which means, there are no airline fees, no hotel bills, and no time away from your workshop or your family. Join us from anywhere you are in the world.


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    • 11 June 2023 3 h 31 min local time

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