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The Private Sponsors Club is based on the idea of bringing together luthiers driven by a common passion: exchanging ideas and gathering to promote and enhance the value of lutherie and of the work of its craftsmen.


Through individual appointments and quarterly meetings offered within this private club, you will have the opportunity to build unique relationships that will lead to future opportunities.


If you are ready to start your journey within the Private Sponsors Club we invite you to sign up as a SPONSOR to benefit from this exclusive and privileged program.


We will contact you immediately after your registration to set up your first appointment.


This first video conference with Christophe, the founder, will be the opportunity to make a first review of your personal pages, your profile page and all your instrument pages and associated products, available for sale or on order. During this first introductory meeting, Christophe will introduce you to all the features offered by the website as well as the best practices to use it at best and take full advantage of this tool. 
He will take this opportunity to present you the agenda of the future quarterly group work meetings. He will also schedule, with you, your 4 annual individual meetings, to regularly follow up on your activity and on the instruments that are to be promoted the following quarter.



The benefits of the Private Sponsors Club


By becoming a member of the Private Sponsors Club, you will join a worldwide network of luthiers and associated craftsmen (amp maker, effects builders, pedal and pickup makers, accessory manufacturers, bow makers, etc.) working together to improve their activity and enhance the value of luthiery.

There is no rivalry amongst the members of this club, but a synergy to enhance the value of the work of each luthier, member of the Private Sponsors Club.



Some good reasons to join our members:


1- Enter an International Business Network


LThe Private Sponsors Club is open to all professionals willing to highlight their profession and know-how: luthiers, but also all associated craftsmen: amp, effects, pedals, pickups and accessories manufacturers, bow makers, etc.


The Club currently gathers European and North American luthiers and craftsmen, but is open to craftsmen from all countries.


Communication is targeted at an international clientele of musicians who are passionate about outstanding instruments and products. It is aimed at a diversified clientele, amateur of unique instruments and gathering as well guitarists as violinists or other instruments lovers.


Our database has been carefully elaborated and our analysis, after three years of daily communication, now allows us to assert that our audience is very diverse, international and animated by one single passion: music and the love of beautiful instruments and products designed by craftsmen.


In the coming months, and according to the profile of our members and to their needs, we will make sure to adapt our audience and to prospect new customers.



2- Putting your expertise into action


The Private Sponsors Club is the ideal place to develop and highlight your know-how.

Each member will benefit from a personalized service and tools to improve his image and to help him improve his communication.



3- Accessing a global support system


The group meetings will allow you to talk about “Business” and to share your experience with other professionals.


During these quarterly meetings by videoconference, we will cover concrete topics, adapted to your profession and your needs: How to better position yourself against the competition? How to approach customers in a foreign market? Which products for which markets? What sales pitch to use in order to successfully sell your products? etc.


A mutualisation of good practices to better approach the music industry and to help you find your place and your identity within this very competitive market.


A melting pot of ideas to support each others and move forward together with a single objective: selling your instruments and generating orders in order to gain business.


The themes of the group meetings may be addressed according to the profiles of our members (special Bowed or Plucked meetings for example). We reserve the right to invite outside speakers to lead these meetings if the need arises and if the topic is promising for the growth of your business.



Our expertise:


With decades of experience in entrepreneurship, digital communication and, more specifically, benchmarking in the music and vintage market, Christophe, the founder of the site, has drawn from his experience the keys to help you find the most suitable marketing for your products and target audience.



The services offered


By entering the Private Sponsors Club you will get :



  • 15 to 20 minutes of Zoom Videoconference with Christophe (in 1 to 1) to review your personal pages and present you tips and tricks to better use the website: 1 Videoconference in the month following your subscription (date to be defined together)
  • 30 minutes of Zoom videoconference with Christophe (in 1 to 1) to review together your instruments and products available for sale in order to boost their communication: 1 time every 3 months (date to be defined together)



  •  1 to 2 hours of Zoom Videoconference between Christophe and all the Members of the Private Sponsors Club: 1 time every 3 months (dates to be planned soon)


The Zoom Videoconferences will be held in English and in French depending on the participants



AGENDA of Private Sponsors Club


Group meetings :

  • January 2023: Date to be confirmed.
  • April 2023: Date to be confirmed.
  • September 2023: Date to be confirmed.
  • November 2023: Date to be confirmed.








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