Mojo joined


A big thanks to Mojo for joining the Family as soon as the website opened!

Tom doesn’t have a personal website… but now he has his own personal page!

You can find it on Luthiers at this address:


As you could see, Tom, the boss of Mojo makes great pedals … and they sound killer! At Luthiers, we often play with them! There were dozens on our boards!


Mojo joined

Luthiers’ latest favorite in Mojo creations is undoubtedly the Mojo JTM Handwired!


In the coming weeks, as for all the others luthiers for plucked string instruments, luthiers for bowed string instruments, amps & effects makers, wood & supplies dealers, lutherie events, jobs, schools & teachers registered on our website, you will be able to follow our series of mini-interviews dedicated to the fascinating universe of luthiers.

See you soon…



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