PG Stands joined

PG Stands joined



A big thanks to Philippe Guerinier of PG Stands for joining the Family!

You can find it on Luthiers at this address:



As you could see, Philippe is specialized in the creation of stands for instruments and more particularly for guitars & basses.




PG Stands joined

It is in his own workshop that Philippe Guerinier creates stands for different types of instruments.

For the moment he specializes in stands for guitars and basses, but he confided to us that he is currently preparing new stands dedicated to Ukuleles.


He works mainly with solid oak for the creation of his first collection.


New pictures will soon be available on his personal page of


We also invite you to follow him on his Instagram account:

And do not hesitate to contact him on our behalf using the contact form on his personal page:




PG Stands joined

Philippe didn’t have a logo when he created his personal page this morning…


The teams are keen to help craftsmen present their creations in the best possible way.


So, we made one logo for him! He can now benefit from it on his personal page and on his Instagram account.


This little gift from the teams is due to the fact that Philippe has been following us on Instagram almost since the opening of the website.


And hang on… he likes all of our pictures, every time we post one, since the beginning !!!


We won’t be able to do it for everyone, but we will always remember his first likes in the history of





PG Stands joined
PG Stands joined





In the coming weeks, as for all the others luthiers for plucked string instruments, luthiers for bowed string instruments, amps & effects makers, wood & supplies dealers, lutherie events, jobs, schools & teachers registered on our website, you will be able to follow our series of mini-interviews dedicated to the fascinating universe of luthiers.

See you soon…




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