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Hello everyone,


The idea of this website was born from the many discussions I’ve had with my luthier friends for over 35 years now.


I bought my first classical guitar in 1987, then in 1989, I bought my first electric guitar… from a luthier! As for any musician in love with beautiful instruments, many other instruments followed during all these years, most of them built by luthiers from different countries.


Following a move in 2018, I had the chance to have many exchanges with the luthier of my new city, with whom I created bonds of friendship. In his workshop, while he was starting the making of one of my new guitars, we agreed that there was a real lack of a website on the internet that could be the “voice” of lutherie in the world. A kind of platform that would highlight the luthiers and associated craftsmen from all over the world. Such a platform would allow to better communicate on this profession in order to pay tribute to it in the most beautiful way.


This challenge being to be taken up, I thus started the development of the website in the course of September 2019. The website went online 9 months later.


Not being, on a personal basis, a big fan of state or regional subsidies, nor a fan of crowdfunding campaigns (I have nothing against it, but, on a personal basis, I have always preferred to do without it to be the only person involved in a success, as in a failure…), I preferred to use only my own funds, namely, my personal savings, to finance this period of work.


Since its launch, on June 18, 2020, I work daily on the website and on its social networks to highlight the lutherie in the world…


When the website opened, the creation of a personal page (Profile, or Instruments Pages) in was paying via 3 different annual packages.


The number of visits to the website increasing very quickly, 6 months later, in order to allow the general public to discover more luthiers, and also to test a new solution, I proposed a new package “Try for FREE for 30 days”. Following the huge success of this package with professionals, I decided to renew it, every month, until November 2021.


Unfortunately, as the months went by, I was faced with a difficult financial reality. The charges related to the website are accumulating… It was therefore necessary to stop quickly this possibility of the package “Try for FREE for 30 days”, in order to confirm a financial support through an annual participation from the professionals of the lutherie registered in the site during the “Try for FREE for 30 days”.


Following this decision, many pages of luthiers and associated craftsmen did not appear any more in the website, because they were waiting to be “RELIST”, i.e. waiting to be republished following the purchase of an annual publication package. The first package starts from 99,90 euros /year.


Unfortunately, during the whole year 2022, and, the first months of the beginning of the year 2023, this did not happen.


In spite of this, the private enthusiasts have proved to me the interest they have for the website, thanks to a number of consultations in permanent growth each month. is now consulted by 192 countries in the world…


Convinced by the interest of the passionate individuals, and, being always persuaded that is the best platform to put in light the lutherie in the world, and, in order to remain in a positive step in front of this project, I took the decision, not to propose again the old package “Try for FREE for 30 days”, but, definitively, to leave the creation of personal page in the website completely free.






Since May 7, 2023, in order to help as much as possible the professionals of the lutherie, and, also, in order to propose to the Internet users of the general public fascinated by the world of the Luthiers to discover the maximum of professionals of the lutherie, I took the decision to propose the creation of personal pages in the website, definitely free!


Also, as it is now totally free, I allow you here to financially support my daily work.


After your payment, I will send you an email to propose you to appear in the list of supporters of the website that I will put just below on this page:


I know that, sometimes, some supporters wish to remain anonymous. If this is the case for you, don’t hesitate to let me know by writing to me at so that I don’t write your name on the dedicated page.


Thank you for reading


Thank you for your support

Have a nice day

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Christophe (the creator of the website


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