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Stompbox: The Brick.

Slipcased box set of Stompbox and Vintage & Rarities books
[Limited First Edition]

This exclusive “Stompbox brick” box set may be heavy, but the pedals and players you’ll find inside of it are even heavier!

So please remember to lift with your legs!


Not only do these two volumes contain fresh interviews with nearly 150 noted musicians, collectors and pedal designers, but some of the stompboxes pictured within are so rare and obscure that even diehard experts had trouble identifying them. If your heart isn’t pounding with severe GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) after just a few pages, you may not actually be alive!


Included in The Brick:

1. A hardcover 3 mm thick slipcase with a logo cutout.

2. Foil Stamping on spine.

3. Stompbox City. An 18×24 In poster with original collage artwork by Morgan Jesse Lappin.


Box set dimensions: 8×10.6×3.8 inches.
514 pages & 436 pages.
Hard cover.

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