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Luthiers – Jobs Personal Page Package 30 Days

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  • Publish you Job Page fo 30 days


  • 1 personal page

  • Up to 6 photos

  • Presence in the world map


  • Unlimited changes: your page can be edited at any time when you need to update your information & photos


  • Job Description, Geolocation, Vacancy type, Salary (in local currency), Qualification, Multiple job categories & specialties, Integrated direct contact form… You can use the Luthiers Jobs Personal Package to submit a job offer or job request!


  • 1 Job Page


  • 30 days publication


  • No payment required, it’s totally FREE*!
  • * For all individuals looking for a job, student looking for internships, it’s totally FREE !!!
  • * For professionals, the Job page will only be published if you already have a page in one of the listings: Plucked string instruments, Bowed string instruments, Other instruments, Amps Effects & Accessories, Wood & Supplies dealers, Schools & Private teachers, Luthiers Events & Shows.


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