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The Alberti Disk Sander

Alberti Hand Powered Disk Sanders were first developed for violin and bowmakers to facilitate the shaping and fitting of small precision parts of wood, metal, shell and plastic. These sanders are also great for sharpening and honing knives, plane blades, gouges and chisels. In our machine shop we use them for sharpening cutting tools and hand flat lapping of small parts.

This new model sander is large enough to easily finish cello figure board ends and other larger parts. The table is 4” deep and 12.5” wide and is equipped with a precision fence system. The table tilts down a full 60 degrees and up 10 degrees with a fine adjustment screw that works at all angles. The up tilt enables precision adjusting of violin and viola neck angles.

The sanders feature a magnetic spindle with 9″ interchangeable flat steel disks to accept pressure sensitive adhesive backed sanding and lapping media as well as rubber cushioned, hook faced disks to accept loop back sanding media.

Accessories are available for tool sharpening and for the precision machining and fitting of bow frog slides (You can fit a new slide in ten minutes!). The sander is provided with a bench top clamp and holes for bolt-down mounting. It is set up for right hand operation, but you can use the second post clamping hole for left hand operation. When we have suitable lamps available again we will provide a lamp mounting post for the second hole.

The sander is shipped with four plain steel disks. Extra steel disks, honing disks and sandpaper discs can be ordered separately.

If you would like more information about this product, you can contact me using the contact from this page. I will gladly answer you as soon as possible.



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