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The Alberti Peg Skiver

This tool has two functions. The first is to score the peg shank at the collar prior to cutting the peg with a shaper so that the collar does not chip out at the end of the cut. The second is to skive the remaining wood on the shank after the final fitting cut of the peg shaper.

To use the scoring saw, place the tuning peg in the first vee groove with the peg collar against the saw blade. Turning the peg while holding it down with the leather strap will score the peg.

To skive the shank clean to the collar after the final shaping cut of the peg, place the peg in the vee groove under the sliding blade, push the blade down on the finished portion of the peg shaft and, while rotating, feed the peg into the blade. This step can be repeated without damage to the shaft.

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