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Who doesn't know the iconic Fender brand? It has been shaping electric guitar history for more than 60 years, surprisingly, the same time since Maderas Barber was founded. While Leo Fender was constantly introducing innovations like the use of bolt-on necks on guitars or the use of Ash and Alder for the bodies, at Maderas Barber we were constantly in search of new exotic woods for instrument creation.

To honor Fender’s legacy and keep offering you the best products for electric guitars and basses, we have more than 50 different models of necks to combine with our Fender finished bodies or with our MB Exclusive finished bodies. All the necks and bodies we offer are compatible. No additional adjustments or operations are required to fit the neck and body together.

You can also find a multitude of accessories such as pickups, pickguards or Fender saddles to build up your guitar or replace it due to wear or breakage.

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    • Calle Islas Baleares 42, 46988 Paterna, Provincia de Valencia, España

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