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The choice of glue, polish or varnish is essential in the construction of the instrument, so much that it can even influence the final sound of the instrument. That is why we offer products such as natural wood oils, glues, wood stains, guitar lacquers, solvents and the best application tools.

What are the most commonly used finishes on guitars?

Waxes and oils to treat wood. It is one of the oldest methods of preservation and embellishment. Although this method offers less protection than other finishes, it is generally appreciated for its naturalness and warmth to the touch. It is mainly used to treat guitar necks.

Shellac: The second most commonly used natural material in guitar finishing is shellac. The natural resin obtained from the secretions of the shellac cochineal. It is mainly used for instruments with soundboard, such as Spanish guitars and acoustic guitars. Due to its lightness, crystallinity and brightness, it has always been the favorite treatment of master guitar makers in the manufacture of classical instruments.

Nitrocellulose finishes: the semi-synthetic materials allow a very thin layer to be applied so that the wood resonates and breathes more easily.

Polyurethane finishes: compared to nitrocellulose, this finish has a stronger and more durable gloss. It offers better protection due to its high resistance and it preserves the color of the guitar better than nitrocellulose.

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