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Steve Toon Guitars - CEDAR MODEL F CLASSICAL GUITAR [Available on Order]

The first classical guitar I ever built was a copy of a Daniel Freidrich guitar.
I remember it was a very difficult first project, with double sides and a fairly complex bracing and rosette.

The finished guitar worked out very well though, and sold almost immediately.

I have decided to come back and re-visit that guitar model, resulting in the “Cedar Model F” featuring double laminated sides, ultrathin master grade cedar soundboard and bracing based on Friedrich's late 80’s cedar guitars.

I build the guitars by hand using fairly traditional methods and select all the materials for each guitar with a view to achieving the best tone for each one, looking for a wide palette of tone colours and an even balance between the bass and treble.



You can discover my interview in the blog of here:




I acquired my first guitar at the age of ten when my father found a broken one in a skip. Together we spent many hours repairing it, and since then I became captivated by its sound and intrigued by its construction.

I have been making guitars for more than 25 years and am fascinated by the process of turning beautiful wood into a living instrument of simple beauty which can produce versatile sound – whether aggressive and strong, powerful and passionate, or light and tender.

When I start a new guitar, I have an idea in my mind as to how the guitar will look and sound. I aim to make all my guitars respond individually to the player, and I select the wood very carefully, paying great attention to the soundboard and matching it with the most suitable sides and back. I use traditional methods and work almost entirely by hand.

My passion for making individual and distinctive guitars can best be summarised by Andres Segovia, the father of modern classical guitar playing, when he said:

“The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different colour, a different voice.”

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