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Steve Toon Guitars - CHARLTON [Available on Order]

"Charlton" parlour size guitar.

I was always being asked to build a small parlour guitar and, after finding some nice sets of spruce which were too small for classical guitars, decided the time had come and the "Charlton" was born.

The Charlton is a 12 fret to the body parlour-size guitar with an X braced top and a slotted headstock. The guitar is built using hide glue for improved tone. An original hand made rosette is unique to each guitar. Each guitar will have slightly different detailing to suit the rosette. The guitar is designed for use with light gauge strings and is optimised for fingerstyle playing, although it is used by musicians for all playing styles. This instrument is particularly suited to small rooms and also is a wonderful guitar for recording, having exactly the right balance between bass and treble.
The Charlton guitar in the pictures below has Bocote back and sides with ziricote rosette. The neck is a 5 piece structure of mahogany,walnut and maple. Tuner buttons and bridge pins are snakewood.



  • Selected spruce front with voiced X bracing
  • Bocote or Indian Rosewood back and sides
  • Ebony binding
  • Handmade rosette
  • High gloss finish or oil finish
  • Ebony fingerboard and bridge
  • Ebony headplate with inlaid MOP logo
  • Bi-directional truss rod
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Slotted head with gold or chrome Shaller Grand-tune tuners
  • Nut width 44,45,or 46 mm
  • String spread at saddle 58mm
  • Scale length 24.9"
  • Hiscox Pro2 hard case



You can discover my interview in the blog of here:




I acquired my first guitar at the age of ten when my father found a broken one in a skip. Together we spent many hours repairing it, and since then I became captivated by its sound and intrigued by its construction.

I have been making guitars for more than 25 years and am fascinated by the process of turning beautiful wood into a living instrument of simple beauty which can produce versatile sound – whether aggressive and strong, powerful and passionate, or light and tender.

When I start a new guitar, I have an idea in my mind as to how the guitar will look and sound. I aim to make all my guitars respond individually to the player, and I select the wood very carefully, paying great attention to the soundboard and matching it with the most suitable sides and back. I use traditional methods and work almost entirely by hand.

My passion for making individual and distinctive guitars can best be summarised by Andres Segovia, the father of modern classical guitar playing, when he said:

“The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different colour, a different voice.”

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