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This baritone guitar is a classical guitar. It is perfect for classical guitarists who would like it to sound a bit more bassy, because baritone guitars are the "missing link" between "normal" guitar and bass.

Basically, both classical guitars and steel string guitars can be made with baritone construction.

Classic Line I Baritone
In order to achieve the typical sound of a baritone guitar, we have extended the scale length to 66.5 cm, based on our standard Classic Line I model. Also the body was designed a bit deeper and the bracing was adapted to the requirements. The string set corresponds with BEADGF#B to the typical baritone tuning.

To the Rosewood back and sides a top made of Sitka Spruce was chosen. The beautiful spalted Beech rosette is a special design. The inserted piece of Ebony with light sapwood makes it something very special. The Pear purfling matches beautifully with the rosette.

The headstock is, as always, made of rosewood to go with the body.The silver matted Schertler single tuners work very nicely and provide a cool modern look.

The voice of this baritone guitar is full and voluminous, because that's what it's meant to be. However, the high frequencies are by no means underpowered by their bassy brothers. The midrange appears warm and full and is quite impressive. Overall, the result is a balanced sound with a frequency spectrum that is shifted downwards according to the specifications, with high assertiveness and selectivity.

Type: Classical Guitar
Back/Sides: Rosewood
Top: Sitka Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar, spanish constructed heel
Neck Width at Nut: 51 mm
Scale Length: 665 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Machine Heads: SchertlerOpens in a new window
Strings: GalliOpens in a new window Genius GR40, B6 FisomaOpens in a new window
Nut/Bridge: Rosewood/Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin finish
Weight: 1,620 g
Case: SCC Hardcase

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  • 3600
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