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We started out with a 2-piece Osiris to create a concert guitar that would be easy to transport for guitarists playing on the international scene. In fact, we are often asked for both the demands of lutherie AND the ease of transport to play it anywhere. For the shape, we again took our inspiration from a Gretsch in a smaller, Duojet-style size; the format of a Solidbody but in semi-hollow!

That said, we've added several new features to this Osiris “SharkyTone”:

The use of a multi-ply body made in-house from “Old Stock” veneers;
A smaller Gretsch “Duojet” format in semi-hollow;
Old Stock” aluminum fillets for an attractive chrome finish;
Teal Green” metallic lacquer to shine on stage.

Specs 2 parts :
Multi-ply quarter-cutaway made in-house

Right-handed model: although Double Cutaway, the potentiometers are right-handed.

Dimensions: the body measures 441 mm h X 336 mm w (instead of 459 mm h X 380 mm w), to get closer to a Solidbody DuoJet.

Chrome fittings: “Old Stock” aluminum pickguard, Duesenberg tailpiece, Tunomatic Tonepro

Shape: cut double sides, gills on request

Finishes: “Old Stock” aluminum fillets + “Teal Green” metallic lacquer

Dynasonics Dreamsongs Pickups set.

This model is for sale, price 4125 € excluding luggage.

Base price: 1 single Dreamsongs pickup, hard oil finish, from €3,725 in workshop-made plywood, around €300 less than in local solid wood.

Sustainability and recycling
In the spirit of sustainability, our choice of 1/4-body or “semi-hollow” guitars responds to the need to use as little wood as possible.

This time, we decided to make a multi-ply guitar using veneers from our old stock: to recycle, but also to offer a more affordable price than local solid wood. It's also sturdier, making it easier to use on stage without fear of damaging the wood.

We always call on craftsmen like ourselves for the custom-made microphones and luggage made by Luxbag in Loir-et-Cher, a Living Heritage company.


Dynasonics” pickups from Dreamsongs Pickups for incisive tones.
A shorter heel for better treble accessibility.

Price for this instrument
  • 4127
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Varnish options

Table varnish: + € 180
Table varnish and Burst: + €360
Colored varnish: + € 450
Complete varnish: + €450
Full varnish and Burst: + € 660


Optional extras for modularity (contact us for more options)

A 2nd Dynasonics pickup + €216
A 2nd set of wood side parts (+ 720€ for simple model / + 960€ for high-end model)
A 2nd maple center section with 1 pickup (+ 1300€ for single model / + 1800€ for top-of-the-range model)


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