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Do you want to create an instrument from scratch? Or maybe you need to repair it and replace just a part?

With our MB exclusive finished parts you will save time and you will get exactly the result you have in mind.

We create these parts in our central factory in Spain and we use the latest technology to achieve maximum precision and the best finish for each product.

How we produce a MB Exclusive finished part?

1.  We select the right wood for each part.

2. We dry it to stabilize the humidity values and guarantee that the part can be used in the final product without problems.

3. We carry out all the preparation phases, depending on the part to be made.

4. We use numerical control machines to achieve an optimum finish for each product.

5. We make a final quality control and perform manual retouching on those parts that need it.

You will recognize our finished parts by the MB Exclusive seal marked on every product.

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    • Calle Islas Baleares 42, 46988 Paterna, Provincia de Valencia, España

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