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Scharpach Archtop Guitars - THE OPUSG Blonde


The model “OpusG” is the result of a design collaboration between Theo Scharpach and the owner of this guitar, Michael G. Thompson. Inspiration for the creation of this guitar came from Michael’s vintage Gibson collection. After several iterations, the final archtop guitar design involved a unique combination of elements from and aesthetic “nods” to his favorite archtops from the 30s to the early 60s, which have been interpreted and created from the finest of aged woods.

This OpusG elegantly blends a robust 18” lower bout, which carries a rich full-body voice, with a thin-cut profile and narrow waistline, enabling enhanced ergonomics and player/instrument intimacy. The provocative Florentine cutaway gives effortless access to the upper range, which is all reflected beautifully either acoustically or through the Charlie Christian-style floating pick-up made by Pete Biltoft. The latter carries a custom blade created to compensate for the magnetic force and dynamics of the strings. The hardware of this archtop jazz guitar is also custom-made and plated with the rare element of rhodium, which exudes a deeper brilliance than traditional gold or chrome plating. As always, old woods are used and the unique custom tuner knobs are made from solid silver.

Although this guitar has a thin-line body, the OpusG’s acoustic output is remarkable. Nevertheless, a 17” version will also be made available in full thickness if required, with flexible pick-up options.




Theo Scharpach is recognised as being one of the finest Archtop guitar makers in Europe today. He has been building Archtops for over 40 years and has access to some of the finest and incredibly old stocked woods.

If you are interested in owning one of the finest archtop guitars imaginable, specifically built for your needs and preferences, then request a free consultation below and we will make sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible.




Over the many years of striving for full client satisfaction and dedication to the craft of building the best archtop guitars, Scharpach guitars has built up a wide array of archtop guitar designs. Below you can see some of Theo Scharpach’s most recent creations.




For most Archtops, Scharpach uses woods that were bought from the widow of Artur Lang way back in 1985.

Artur Lang was a well-known German guitar maker living in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany, who died in 1975. Although some of the woods may have minor visual flaws, it is acoustically far superior to any fresh woods, due to its extreme age. The rough pre-cut tops sound like a bell. They have probably been drying in storage in Lang's workshop for more than 40 years. This means the wood is now close to 80 years old. This special batch of wood combined with detail oriented and precise creation is what gives Scharpach guitars such a vastly superior and characteristic sound.




Of course it is also possible to request a bespoke Scharpach instrument as a left-handed guitar. The process of designing and creating a left handed archtop is very similar to the creation of a right handed model. Through 40-years of dedicated work in creating fine custom guitars, Theo Scharpach makes it possible to take all your personal preferences and wishes to build your ultimate left-handed dream guitar. Besides creating left-handed electric archtops, it is of course also possible to create a left-handed acoustic archtop guitar.



Make your custom guitar dream come true

From all custom archtop guitar makers, Scharpach guitars stands out as one of the most client focussed and detail oriented creators. If you have a custom guitar idea in mind and would like to discuss your ideas, then please contact us through the form below so we can start to use our 40 years of dedicated craftsmanship and creativity to make your dream a reality.

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