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Scharpach Guitars - THE SCHARPACH FLAMENCO 1912


The design of the Flamenco1912 was inspired by Pablo Picasso. Picasso was a great lover of the flamenco music. His ‘silent’ instrument resembled no sculpture ever seen before. His first model in 1912 was made from cardboard. In 1914, the artist recreated this fragile paper construction in a more permanent and durable sheet metal form. This exceptional piece of art was made for the MoMa in New York in 1912. Key elements of the guitar flamenco style are the headstock and the sound hole inlay that allude to this fine work of art by Pablo Picasso.

Furthermore, the guitar is built in the style of Santos Hernandez, one of the great guitar makers who lived and worked in Spain in the early 20th century.



Scharpach Guitars - THE SCHARPACH FLAMENCO 1912


At Scharpach guitars it is to care deeply about precision and attention to detail while building our custom Flamenco guitars. The ultimate goal is to build a flamenco style guitar which not only suits your aesthetic appeal, but also your musical expression. The Flamenco style guitars are built using the highest quality materials and equipment. The price of the custom Flamenco guitars generally starts at 9,645 euros, but this may alter depending on your personal preferences and design requirements.

Theo Scharpach currently offers the Flamenco1912, inspired by Pablo Picasso, as well as custom-made versions, such as the “La Porta” made for Al di Meola. Both have great stories behind them.
Are you interested in having us build your very own custom flamenco style guitar? Reach out to Theo Scharpach for a free consultation!



Scharpach Guitars - THE SCHARPACH FLAMENCO 1912


Vicente Santiago: “As a flamenco player, I always need the instrument to respond and not to be wondering if at some point the sound of the guitar will break. The sound of the Flamenco1912 is just great: warm, balanced and with a lot of colours, no matter if I was playing forte or piano. I liked playing melody lines especially on the high note because I always felt a great harmonic support: somehow I felt there was another instrument accompanying me while playing melodies.”





Through many years of dedicated craftsmanship and perfectionism, Scharpach makes it possible to create a flamenco style guitar which perfectly fits your artistic expression. The unique sound that Scharpach guitars provide comes not only from the detailed woodwork and extensive design planning, but also from the choice of materials that are used in the process of building these custom guitars. One of the most important aspects of material choice when building and designing a custom flamenco guitar, is the wood. The wood used to create the body of the guitar is one of the main determinants of the sonic capabilities the instrument is able to produce when it is finished. Scharpach guitars have access to some of the most incredible old stocked woods, giving you access to sounds that no other guitar maker can create for you.

The acoustic custom guitars flamenco style starts at a price of 9,645 euros. Are you interested in building your own custom flamenco guitar? Feel free to contact Theo Scharpach for a free consultation below!


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