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My artistic passion is driven by turning the tonal wood into resonances.

The research of wood and its refinement, the varnish and material compositions, the model development and elaboration, the further development of radiance and dynamics – all serve this one goal: to create quality resonances. Only in this way will the instrument become a strong partner. The resonance profile is the acoustic subtlety and variety, power and radiance of the instrument. It gives the sound its softness and warmth, the openness of the singing vocal formats, the radiant body resonances, the brilliance and load-bearing capacity, the core of the sound and the necessary beam, the high plate resonances in their manifold vibratory and nodal lines. The deeper I penetrated the acoustic exploration of the guitar, the greater the respect I have for its mystery.

One customer declared: "I must say your profession is one of the rare honorable ones left in our world. You take God given skills and talent to create art from the beautiful resources our planet has provided to inspire and delight your fellow man."

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