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"For me success is not about the quantity of guitars or the big names that play them, It’s not about my own fame or recognition, it’s about the quality of my craft and more importantly to me, the story that it tells.

After all, my guitars will be here speaking into the hearts and lives of all those who come in contact with them long after I’m gone.

My hope is that seeing , hearing, and playing one of my guitars is not a one time event, but a journey that keeps getting richer and more interesting with each new discovery as you unravel its mystery and begin to share its voice through your music."

- Tom Bills

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    • Jazz Life Club
      8 May 2023 at 15 h 26 min

      Amazing Luthier! One of the most talented of his generation! And, as is often the case with truly talented artists, one of the most humble as well. I can only advise you to order an instrument from him once in your life, because, it will become without any doubt, the Number 1 instrument of your life!

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