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Since 12/5/2005, our workshop holds the Patent for quite an innovative musical instrument: the so-called “silent” bouzouki. This patent (no. 1004879) refers to a musical instrument that was born out of the maker’s personal need to play the bouzouki at whatever time of the day, at a building apartment, without disturbing his neighbors.

It constitutes a one-of-a-kind innovation since it offers all the characteristics of the respective acoustic instrument as to the «feeling» a musician gets. It is played in exactly the same way, the only difference being that it doesn’t produce the same sound volume due to the lack of back, which has been replaced by a plastic bridge so as to maintain the feeling of weight, support and operability.





Advantages over an acoustic instrument

One may study or play music for recreational purposes without disturbing those around him/her.
It offers the sense of electronic sound through the use of an original pickup and an electronic preamplifier system, requiring no additional equipment.
There are no distortions and buzzes at high volumes. It’s ideal for large professional halls and studio recordings.
It’s by nature more easy to play compared to an acoustic instrument.

There are two 2 basic ‘silent’ categories, PRO I and PRO II.

PRO Ιs are characteristically designed with holes in the back, while PRO II have a cover and look like acoustic instruments on the front. The have a slight sound difference especially when played without an amplifier.

PRO IIs have a slightly higher sound intensity due to the fact that the back is full, instead of having holes. Their electric parts are identical (pickup and preamplifier) and have no significant difference when used in amplifier-console.

Price for this instrument
  • 1350
More information about the price for this instrument

This price is for the presented 10-string PRO II Silent bouzouki. Our silents start from 1000€. Shipping costs worldwide are usually close to 80€ by post and a hard foam bouzouki case costs 100€.

We work by order, as there is usually no stock available, but miracles do happen and you may find something ready made with a bit of luck :) Please contact us for availability!

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