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Mad Guitars Interview 2 Tonewoods & Guitar Parts



Can you easily find Tonewoods in your networks? If so, can you name some of your suppliers?


In fact, I use the same network as most of the luthiers in France: Delta Bois, Kauffer.


But also sellers I find on E-Bay or local wood dealers.



Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot



There is a huge choice of aftermarket parts. Do you work with regular suppliers or are you always on the lookout for new suppliers who could offer you something new?


I work with regular suppliers, but I’m trying to move towards “100% made in France”.


So I started to make my own parts like fixed bridges, and headless guitar mechanics systems.




When you can’t find the parts you want at your aftermarket suppliers, do you create parts yourself or hire specialized craftsmen? Can you give us some examples?


Yes, I call upon industrialists who are able to manufacture my parts in large series.


Because the machines to make these types of parts cost a lot of money.



Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot



How do you choose the microphones for your electric instruments according to the demands of your customers? Do you have any secrets or wiring habits? Have you ever had any very special requests, or requests that seemed strange to you, from customers with special needs?


For custom models, most of the time, the customer already has in mind what he wants.

On the other hand, for my No-Mad models, the choice is made only on French made microphones : Crel , SP custom , Hepcat , Tornade MS.

Some customers sometimes have strange requests, but this is also the interest of this job.


When you call on a luthier it is because you have special needs!



Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot



Guitar Finishes (Varnish)… Nitrocellulo, P.U (polyurethane)? What are your choices and why?


I only use Cellulo Varnish on relic models.

My choice naturally went to PU because it is more resistant and has a faster drying time.


It is also more adapted to the musicians who play my guitars.



Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot




Mad Guitars Interview 2 Tonewoods & Guitar Parts


A big thanks to Aldo, the boss of Mad Guitars for joining the Family as soon as the adventure begins!

You can find him on Luthiers at this address:

And, we highly recommend you to quickly discover his amazing creations in on his website:




Some pictures of Mad Guitars
handpicked by our team



Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot


Mad Guitars Interview 1 Background & Flagship models
Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot


Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot


Mad Guitars Interview 1 Background & Flagship models
Mad Guitars – Aldo Maillot



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