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Daz Guitarz Luthier Interview


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NAME : David Zammitti

LIVING IN : Calmont 31560, FRANCE


PLAYING: Guitar, bass, drums


LUTHIER YOU ADMIRE THE MOST:  Fred Donvalle, Maxime Plangenet


LAST ALBUM YOU BOUGHT: Don’t remember !



MOST IMPRESSIVE INSTRUMENT YOU EVER HAD IN HAND: A whasburn ML US issued to 3 copies in the world

MOST STRANGE RESTORATION OR REPAIR YOU HAD TO DO : Trussrod and fingerboard change on a 1974 Burns bison bass


Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier



Daz Guitarz Luthier Interview – Can you tell us what you consider to be the most important thing when you design a guitar ? What is your process of creation and how does it often start?


For me, the most important thing is the choice of wood. It should not be a festival of colors or types of wood.

The body and the fingerboard must match each other as well as the neck and the body etc… 3 different woods is good.

I find it homogeneous. You can put more, of course, if you make multi-ply. But too much wood kills wood !

So I take different woods and I test until I find a satisfactory result.


Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier



Daz Guitarz Luthier Interview – Can you present us your flagship models and philosophy ?


I don’t like to copy much, so I prefer my models, my designs.


From now on, I will just make a Telecaster type model revisited to my taste.

I put a lot of time and passion into it.

I have my Antares model. A super strat that is aggressive and soft at the same time.

My Headless Minotorium model. My favorite! Aggressive and modern.

The Nyx. A headless telecaster. And yes! Sacrilege for some but I find it terrible.

My philosophy: To transmit my passion through the instrument so that the customer feels

the joy of having a unique instrument made exclusively for him.

I do this work first and foremost for myself and I think it is important, because if you work for others it becomes a job like any other.
No competition with my peers. Just satisfaction and sharing and admiration.



Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier



Daz Guitarz Luthier Interview – According to you, what is the most impactful thing in the instument sound ? The woods ? the building technique ? what should a buyer ask for when he want to order an instrument when he was to be sure he is ordering the right instrument for him?


The most important thing is the assembly.

The body and neck must be one, and the instrument must be assembled in such a way that it can be easily adjusted if the strings are changed.

The pickups do most of the work. I see the guitar as a support for the pickups. But support means quality. It’s a whole thing.


A musician has to ask me absolutely everything.


Even if it sounds silly. In the beginning, the client and I form a duo, a team.
It is by asking all the questions and proposing all the possible options that we will arrive at a satisfactory result.
So if you want an instrument from a luthier, write everything down on a piece of paper, think a lot and take the time to discuss it well with him.



Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier




Daz Guitarz Luthier Interview – For a custom instrument, can you explain your process? What are your average delays? And how do you advise your customer? What questions do you ask him so that his instrument is perfectly adapted to his expectations?


I adapt to the project to offer a solution.


I listen to the person’s needs and suggest options that he or she may not have thought of.
The delays vary according to the instrument requested but I would say between 6 months and 1 year.

In general, customers need advice on the choice of woods.
There are a lot of them. So they get a little lost.
I propose different woods by showing them, and very often, the fact of seeing the woods, even rough ones, together, they manage to understand the proposal I make.

The main question is: what kind of music do you want to play with this instrument?
With his answer I have mine. I know what I’m going to propose to him as pickups, fingerboard radius, type of bridges etc…


Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier Interview –  Do you have famous musicians playing on your models ? If so, can you tell us who ??


He’s not famous but he’s the most talented guitarist I’ve ever seen. He’s Michael Serra.
He plays in various bands and projects and he is a guitar teacher. I think he’s going to get some notoriety soon because of his latest project. A great pride for me both for the man and the artist.

There is Gaël Liger from Le Son c’est dans les doigts who has one of my creations. Very great pride also because he trusted me on this project and I thank him very much.


Daz Guitarz Luthier brings together luthiers from all over the world. According to you, how is the French lutherie different?


I find it less commercial. Maybe more in the authenticity.

There are many talents in France: Mad Guitar, Alkemy, Plangenet and so on.



Daz Guitarz Luthier
Daz Guitarz Luthier



Where can we buy your instruments? Can we try them somewhere? Will you participate to some guitar shows ?


You can buy and try my instruments directly at the workshop and soon online where I will offer models from 1 600€.

The shows require a lot of time and money and I miss both at the moment. Maybe next year.



Daz Guitarz Luthier


Daz Guitarz Luthier



You can contact Daz Guitarz Luthier
using the contact form on his personal page on here


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Daz Guitarz Luthier Interview

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