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Petko Petkov Interview 5 ToneWoods Essences

Petko Petkov Interview 5 ToneWoods Essences



Those who know you know that you are a great lover of beautiful woods, how do you help your customers to choose the woods of their future instruments in relation to the sound they have in mind? Can you easily find wood in your networks? If so, can you name some of your suppliers ?


Usually the musicians have already a formed preference towards the sound of the instrument.


On this base first we discuss together the model of the instrument.

After this, I select a few sets of my oldest tone woods.


During the selection I look for the most appropriate age of the tone woods, resonance (acoustics), the velocity of the sound and the ratio of the masses between the top and the back.



Petko Petkov Interview 5 ToneWoods Essences
Petkov violins – Petko Petkov



The major part of the tone wood that is in my possession has a Bulgarian origin.


I have personally selected it directly from the woodcutters.


The fresh cut wood stays in an open air for at least 10 years in order to get dry and to be ready to be born anew into a violin, viola or violoncello…


The oldest tone woods in my storage are more than 20 years old.


In the last years, I worked with wood traders from Romania as well.

Nowadays it is getting harder to find quality woods for the handcrafting of string instruments.



Petko Petkov violin maker from Bulgaria
Petkov Violins ltd


Petko Petkov Interview 5 ToneWoods Essences
Petkov violins – Petko Petkov






Petko Petkov Interview 5 ToneWoods Essences

You can find it on Luthiers at this address:


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Petko Petkov has two instruments for sale right now:


Petko Petkov Violins Guarnieri Vieuxtemps For Sale:




Petko Petkov Violins Stradivari Cremonese For Sale:





Petko Petkov owner of Petkov Violins

Petko Petkov is a violin maker from Bulgaria. He works independently as the owner of Petkov Violins ltd.

The workshop is situated in the suburbs of Kazanlak city.

He handcrafts fine master:

  • violins,
  • violas,
  • and violoncellos.


He handcrafts the following models:

Violoncello –Strad Piatti, Viola -Stradivari, Violin- Stradivari Cremonese, Nicolo Amati, Guarnieri Heifetz, Guarnieri Lafont, Guarnieri Il Cannone, Guarnieri Jarnovich, Guarnieri Vieuxtemps, Scarampella, Lorenzo Storioni.

For his instruments he uses Italian methods of construction. The wood used for his work is with Bulgarian origin-Balkan Maple and Spruce. It is well seasoned and with excellent acoustic qualities.



Petko Petkov Violins Guarnieri Vieuxtemps For Sale
Petko Petkov Violins




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