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Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris Evolutions

Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris – Evolutions


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Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris – Evolutions – Hello Hervé, following the evolution of Osiris, can you tell us what has changed in the year since its release ? As a reminder, let’s have a quick recap of what the Osiris guitar is:


We insist on the fact that it is first and foremost a luthier’s guitar, made without compromise as to its lutherie: in 1/4 body, slightly curved top and back, high-end threading, 3-ply neck.


Without compromise also on the selected local woods and the quality of the sound and the microphones!



It is then transportable, easily in airplane cabin luggage, and also in car, boat, bicycle because it can be dismantled! And then modular because it can be transformed according to your desires on the visual level and especially on the sound level: since you have the possibility of having different microphones in harmony with different woods by changing the central parts. To obtain completely new sounds.



Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris
Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris



Why, what else did you bring?


Because I wanted to push the modularity to the end: an AMBIDEXTRE version!


By offering an OSIRIS in DoubleCutaway to play it as well left-handed as right-handed. I say “as well” because it is not only the DC body that allows access to the treble, but the neck that can be mounted as well as left-handed as right-handed: without tools and in a few minutes.

This DC version can be disassembled in 2 parts: to show a simpler functionality and not modular. The proposed finishes are different too: simple purfling this time, a stain and a “Cherry Burst” bringing more depth to the maple waves. And a nitro-cellulose varnish.



Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris



How is this possible?


By setting up a system with the following quick and tool-free procedure in just 20 minutes:


  • The “Frette 0” + “String Guide” system replaces the saddle and allows for easy right/left handedness, adding comfort to the playing.
  • Simply reverse the string guide and adjust the bridge (height, intonation and pickups).
  • The bridge is a Tunomatic, so adjustment is easy.
  • The double cutaway allows access to the treble for both left and right handed players.
  • All the selectors and potentiometers are located on the axis (central part) for a right-handed or left-handed play.



Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris
Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris



Has it been tested?


Yes, like all the Osiris guitars on this 1st IG show in right-handed. But for us, the interest was to have it tested by a left-handed musician, and we were lucky enough in Bordeaux to have an enthusiastic left-handed musician to test it, whom we thank very much: Tom MAROT, a 19 year old guitarist but also a drummer, who plays in many bands and is also a student at CIAM, a renowned school of contemporary music in Bordeaux.


We can easily see in the videos that he plays all styles and does not spare the handle at all: and it works!



He appreciated the left-handed playing on this high-end luthier’s guitar without being bothered by its removable aspect!


The first 3 videos in which he plays: vidéo 1, vidéo 2 and vidéo 3 that you can find on Youtube !





Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris
Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris



Can you tell us about the exhibitions where you will participate?


A busy schedule for the 2021 !


After the Internationales de la Guitare in Toulouse at the beginning of September where we had the chance to have a superb demo by Renaud Louis-Servais whom we warmly thank, we are going to exhibit very soon at the Salon de la Belle Guitare : From October 8th to 10th during the Paris Guitar Festival in Paris Montrouge (formerly Guitares au Beffroi), this exhibition of lutherie of the Belle Guitare will propose demonstrations of 2 Osiris guitars as well as the THE Guitare Jazz Archtop. The musicians will make our demos : Baptiste FERRANDIS and Guillaume MUSCHALLE.


Also during this exhibition, we will participate in the “Guitar Awards” and also in the “Local Wood Challenge” in order to encourage the creation of beautiful guitars made of local woods, to limit the smuggling of exotic woods and to support sustainable crafts.



We have been participating in the replanting of trees for several years with Reforest’Action: species that we choose for the plantation, according to the wood that we use in lutherie.



Then, and here we are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Issoudun festival: from October 30th to 31st (36 – Indre). It’s a last minute information, but what a pride! It is the historical and mythical exhibition of lutherie created more than 30 years ago by Marcel DADI. I was able to go there as a visitor around 2005 without imagining that I could be there one day. So now, it is a real pleasure to go there to present Osiris!


Finally, we will exhibit this year at Musicora at the Seine Musicale, a place truly dedicated to music in the broadest sense, where the guitar also deserves its place: From November 19th to 21st in Boulogne-Billancourt (92).



We look forward to seeing you at these exhibitions!


Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris
Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris




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Luthier Hervé Berardet Osiris – Evolutions

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