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Are you a professional?


1) Introduce your work, your know-how and your products to a targeted community.


2) Increase your visibility permanently without disappearing. As is the case with social media news feeds.


3) Benefit from a personal page, edit and modify as many times as you like, to highlight your work, your know-how and your products.


For only 99.90 euros per year!


Without any obligation of commitment for the following years. An email will be sent to you a few days before the end of your annual publication to allow you to republish your personal page only if you wish.

No additional costs, no technical website maintenance to pay, no technical update to do, takes care of everything… and takes care of you!


Create your personal page in less than 15 minutes to satisfy your customers! That will be the only thing you have to do 😉


4) Highlight your services and products available for sale without any commission taken by Since August 31, 2020, a new feature is available on the site: you can now, in addition to your luthier profile page, create dedicated pages for your instruments for sale.


5) Customers can contact you directly through the form on your personal page. It will be linked to your email, without any configuration to make.


6) More than 350 categories of instruments, amps, effects, accessories and spare parts referenced on the website to facilitate the search results of your customers.


7) There are many possibilities to differentiate yourself: instrument manufacturers, amplifiers and effects, repairers, restorers, Instruments dealers, music stores, wood and supplies dealers, event organisers, etc.


8 ) Your future customers will be able to discover and find you very easily via a research by instrument categories, by type of business and by geographical search, while having the ability to cross search criteria to instantly refine their results. Many possibilities for them to reach you.


9) Conveniently communicate with your customers and with your suppliers via the contact form on your personal page.


10) Multilingual: even if the interface of the website is in English, you can write in the language that seems most suitable for your customers. English will allow you to reach an international clientele, but you can write in the description area of your personal page in the language of your country if you work with a local clientele mainly.


11) Private messaging and a real-time chat, automatically connected to your mailbox, without any settings to make on your side. Everything becomes simple thanks to!


12) In your personal space, you have simple and clear statistics, allowing you to see a summary of the consultations of your personal page: numbers of total views, numbers of unique views, numbers of consultations on smartphones, tablets and computers, list of countries that are interested in your page, etc. No need to waste time trying to understand Google Analytics statistics 😉


In addition to your personal page on, thanks to our communications, you will benefit from articles on the blog “Luthiers Family” which we will write to highlight your talent and which we will share on our social networks in order to make known your services, your know-how and your products to all our subscribers.


Do you already have a website?

1) A subscription to will promote Google’s natural referencing of your own website using the links on your personal page on that point directly to your website and social networks.

2) Your personal page on can be a great complement to your site when you need to gain more visibility. is really specialized in the research that your customers do, and, communicates very regularly on social networks!


You don’t have a website yet?

1) Create, very easily, in 10 to 15 minutes a personal page, elegant, modern and professional, 100% responsive, therefore, adaptable and searchable on all the supports of your customers: smartphones, tablets and computers.

2) In your personal page you will be able to display information essential to your activity, such as: description of your activity, geolocation, detailed opening hours, photo gallery, video, many categories of possible instruments, different possible professions (manufacturer, repairer, restorer, dealers or store), customer contact form, links to your social networks, your email, your phone number, and much more…


For only 99.90 euros per year!


3) Your personal page can be modified as many times as you like, to highlight your work, your know-how and products. aims to be THE reference platform for luthiers for plucked string instruments, bowed string instruments, amplifiers, effects and accessories!

The adventure is just beginning…




Are you an instrument dealer or a music store?


1) Reference the luthiers and the brands you sell and make yourself known to the grand public and luthiers.


2) Edit and modify your personal page as many times as necessary to highlight the instruments and brands you distribute and sell.


Share your passion for beautiful instruments!




Are you a musician passionated about beautiful instruments?


1) Do you want to have a unique instrument to stand out? Find the luthier that suits you!


Discover the talent of luthiers near you!


2) Find in a unique place your artisans very easily by searching by instrument categories, types of professions and by geographical search. Google will never give you such a precise answer in one same page! No more waist of time or clicks!


3) Do you have an instrument to maintain or repair? Find a luthier near you in a few clicks that will advise you and help you.


4) Connect regularly to the website and subscribe to our social networks to discover the many articles of the Luthiers Family !




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