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NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak

NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak



NAME: NW Guitars

NICK NAME : Walkowiak Nicolas

LIVING IN : Toulouse, France


PLAYING: Guitar, Vocals, Drums




LAST MUSIC SONG YOU PUT IN YOUR CAR: Show me how to live : Audioslave



MOST STRANGE RESTORATION OR REPAIR YOU HAD TO DO : Finding bird feathers in an electronic cavity…!!!



NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak
NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak
NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak



NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak – Can you tell us what you consider to be the most important thing when you design a guitar ? What is your process of creation and how does it often start?


When I start a new guitar or bass project, I start with the choice of the tuning scale, and the shape of the body, which must be harmonious and correspond to the spirit of the instrument.

I design it according to the ergonomics in order to have a well-balanced and comfortable guitar to play. The whole thing is designed according to the chosen pitch, which for me is essential whether my guitarist wants to play blues or extreme metal.

The goal is that all the parameters are relevant, from the choice of woods, to the tuning scale, the chosen electronics, the parts to get the right spirit.


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak
NW Guitars – Thesis



NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak – Can you present us your flagship models ? and your company philosophy ?


My flagship model is the Marinka. It is a modern double cut superstrat guitar.


At first glance it looks very metal and aggressive, but it is a guitar that also has its place in rock and funk. The Marinka is customizable, but even the hardcore metal oriented models I made are still versatile thanks to the hand wound pickups and the wood species I choose.

This guitar is a good reflection of what I like to do, modern, ergonomic guitars that are comfortable in various musical styles.


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak
NW Guitars – Marinka Sunset


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak
NW Guitars – Marinka Sunset



NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak – According to you, what is the most impactful thing in the instument sound ? The woods ? the building technique ? what should a buyer ask for when he want to order an instrument when he was to be sure he is ordering the right instrument for him?


Once again, it’s about choosing the right tuning scale, mixed with the right wood species and pickup size.

For example, for a modern rock/metal guitar, I prefer bright resonant woods, like ash or maple. With powerful pickups, this results in an instrument that is accurate and stands out in the mix. A screwed or glued neck will be adjusted in the same way for a good transmission of vibrations.

What I ask my customers is simply to describe the type of guitar they want and what they want to play with.


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak
NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak – Thesis Custom


NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak – For a custom instrument, can you explain your process? What are your average delays? And how do you advise your customer? What questions do you ask him so that his instrument is perfectly adapted to his expectations?


I like to take time to discuss with them to propose the configuration that suits them and aim right.

This method based on the exchange luthier/guitarist is essential, and it allows the customer to propose the shapes or type of finishes he wants without necessarily doing technical research of lutherie. He can then concentrate on his desire for guitars and choose his options, to remain focused on his musical creation that I make sure to respect.


I provide a 3D model of the guitar before starting the manufacturing.


This allows the customer to visualize the finished instrument before the manufacturing begins. He can see the final result, and suggest modifications to validate the ideal guitar as he imagines it.

The lead time for a custom guitar or bass is 3 to 6 months depending on the project.


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak
NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak – Road One


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak – Behemoth Custom



NW Guitars by Nicolas Walkowiak – Do you have famous musicians playing on your models ? If so, can you tell us who ??


I started talking with Samir Maamari who is a terrific metal and flamenco guitarist. We met at a luthier’s guitar show, and I had the chance to put my instruments in his hands and he loved them. He is preparing several videos to demonstrate the Marinka, a superstrat guitar that is part of my customizable models.

These videos will be available on Instagram and Youtube to get an idea of the Marinka in action.


NW Guitars – Marinka Sunset brings together luthiers from all over the world. According to you, how is the French lutherie different?


I don’t really know how to answer this question haha! I look at the work of French, American, Eastern European luthiers, and I see excellent and inspired work. I don’t think that France is different in terms of lutherie, there are very good luthiers just like in the whole world, and the most interesting for me is to discover and appreciate the work of good craftsmen whatever their nationality.


NW Guitars – Superstrat Custom


Where can we buy your instruments? Can we try them somewhere? Will you participate to some guitar shows ?


I am planning to exhibit at the Internationales de la Guitare as I do every year in September in Toulouse. I am also doing some local shows, and working on being able to present my creations in other shows in Germany or in the United States, maybe in 2023!


NW Guitars Nicolas Walkowiak – Kaitei Custom



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NW Guitars, Nicolas Walkowiak

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