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Roadrunner Guitars Supersonic Fuzz For Sale


In the category of blog posts: “Instruments for sale“, you will find the instruments of subscribers available for sale : either directly from the luthier or from their dealers.

We remind you that our website does not manage in any case the sales of the instruments. It’s not our job. 😉 We’re just communicating about them.. For any request, it is therefore strongly recommended to contact either the luthier via the contact form on his personal page, or the retailer who handles sales for the luthier.



Roadrunner Guitars Supersonic Fuzz For Sale : the luthier maker

If you are interested in this effect, we invite you to consult the personal page of the luthier maker by clicking on the link below :


Roadrunner Guitars Supersonic Fuzz For Sale : Technical data sheet

The technical data sheet is data from the dealer or from the luthier maker.


Created in 1993 and manufactured ever since !

The Supersonic is inspired by sixties fuzzes but without the problems that vintage effects can have (bad electrical contacts, loss of output level, etc.).

This is a rich and powerful fuzz with a tone that lets you go from a very heavy sound to a wasp sting.

Our great classic… used by many guitarists, bassists, DJs and producers from very different musical backgrounds…


Used by Billy Gibbons, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion), Jon Button (the Who), Stéphane Sanseverino, Phil Almosnino (Wampas J.Hallyday), Yarol Poupaud, ICP studio Bxl and so on.

  • silicon transistors
  • fuzz, tone and volume controls
  • true bypass switching
  • led indicator
  • internal output level calibration by a trimmer
  • original engraved aluminium casing
  • 9v battery or transformer power supply
  • 100% manufactured and wired in Lorraine, France


If you have any questions about this pedal, it is necessary to contact directly the luthier maker or his dealer.



Discover our interview with Laurent Hassoun :

In English:

In French:



How to buy?

This instrument is available at this address:

If this is not the case, we invite you to contact the luthier maker using the form on his personal page :




Some pictures of the
Roadrunner Guitars Supersonic Fuzz


Roadrunner Supersonic Fuzz For Sale
Roadrunner Supersonic Fuzz For Sale


Roadrunner Supersonic Fuzz For Sale
Roadrunner Supersonic Fuzz For Sale



In the coming weeks, find the instruments of our subscribers available for sale by browsing the category of blog posts : “Instruments for sale“.

See you soon…



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