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Offering a complete service to all string players from student to professional, running a large scale repair and restoration workshop operating to the most exacting and precise standards. Whether modern, classical or baroque our expertise and knowledge has served many musicians in achieving optimal sound and satisfaction that their instruments are cared for by gifted craftsmen/musicians.

London luthiers and dealers in fine instruments providing the best possible service to all string musicians whether soloists, collectors, professionals, students or enthusiastic amateurs with an enviable reputation and over 35 years dedicated to the care and sale of instruments & bows of the violin family.

Renowned expert repair and restoration carried out by gifted craftsmen using time-honoured techniques as well as innovative and technically advanced methods which are at the forefront of current knowledge, all repairs and restorations carried out to the highest standards for instruments and bows of all levels. Benefit from the abundant knowledge and restoration expertise of its managing directors Tom Neitzert and Gary Bridgewood and their restorers. Bridgewood & Neitzert - celebrated worldwide for quality repairs, a long and rich history restoring some of the very finest instruments and bows.

Our focus is on minimal intervention and maintenance of original material wherever possible thereby preserving the integrity and value of your precious instrument using discreet, conservative and refined repair methods.
For sound adjustments, our commitment is to explore all available options with due consideration for the characteristics of each instrument as well as the exact demands of the player. All our work is conducted in a measured and attentive manner to achieve the optimum sound for each instrument.

Day to day minor repairs and set-ups e.g. shooting fingerboards, a new bridge, glueing etc. are usually completed within a week, URGENT procedures are carried out the same day.

We repair violins, violas, cellos, double basses, bows, lutes, viola da gambas and cases. Practically any damage to an instrument from the violin family can be restored, we will also advise the commercial viability of any repair or restoration.
Full estimates are provided for both time and cost. Our most gifted luthiers and consultants are available by appointment.

Our shop and workshops are open 6 days a week and do not close for lunch.

All bow repairs and rehairs carried out to the same professional standards, we also offer same day rehairs and express rehairs which can be completed within 1 – 2 hours. We can also offer postal service for bow rehairs with full insurance.
Part Exchanges - Any instrument or bow purchased from us can benefit from the opportunity to be exchanged for another instrument or bow of similar or higher value. This is ideal, for instance when a child requires the next size instrument or where you simply wish to upgrade.

Returns accepted within 2 weeks and only if in new condition.

Purchasing your first instrument or bow or upgrading is a complex and often lengthy process, we aim to ease this and make it as rewarding and engaging as possible. Choosing an instrument or bow should be an enjoyable experience, we have several music rooms set aside for you to use and play at your leisure. Although based in the hustle and bustle of London, Stoke Newington Church Street is similar to being in a village, with a beautiful park and many fine places to eat. Travel and access are easy.

Our staff are well trained and capable, they are musicians and teachers and are always available to assist and advise.
Whilst it is important for children to play on the correct size instrument it is not usually an issue if they remain on a smaller size for a short while longer whereas moving to a larger size when they are not ready can be detrimental causing physical discomfort, strain and above all is discouraging.

A well set up, good sounding instrument which is easy to play, responds well and is attractive usually assists children’s learning and pleasure to play enormously. Our shop manager and assistants are more than able to assist you in every aspect of this.

We carry a good range of violins, violas including specially built small size violas and cellos from entry-level to fine examples all set up and adjusted to exacting standards, these represent excellent value for money. It is a good idea to think about your budget/price range before visiting our shop to try out instruments.

We are always happy to give advice by phone, email or in-person on any aspect of care, maintenance, details about an instrument or bow as well as accessories and can assist in the set-up of your chinrest and shoulder rest. We are all musicians and can often give first-hand advice on products.

Students in state education can benefit from the VAT-free Assisted Purchase Scheme please enquire for more information or 020 7249 9398.

All instruments and bows from student to professional level can be taken away On Approval. This ensures that you can try them in comfort at home, show them to your teacher or colleagues, play in concert or seek second opinions. We require two items as proof of id e.g. passport and photo ID card.

Commission Sales, if you are looking to achieve a sale for your instrument or bow we often consider assisting with a sale on commission; please enquire for further details to or 020 7249 9398.

We offer a valuation and appraisal service for insurance, sale or probate, we are agents for Allianz Musical Insurance, Lark and Moon insurance. We can advise on authenticity, provenance and investment, please call to make an appointment or send us details via email to or call 020 7249 9398. is the online store for Bridgewood & Neitzert, set up by a team of highly experienced makers, restorers and players with the aim of supplying high-quality fine instruments, bows and accessories over the internet. Exceptional range of instruments.

As classically trained musicians we understand that a player's relationship with their instrument is highly personal and, put simply, our guarantee allows our customers the opportunity to evaluate any of our instruments in the safe knowledge that should it for any reason not live up to expectation then the instrument may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price.

We are the main stockists for a wide variety of specialist strings including Baroco, La Folia, Toro, Dlugolecki, Kurschner, Aquila, CHD, Savarez, Pyramid, Kathederale, Baldock and Pirastro.

We can advise on stringing’s for different periods including equal tension stringing, or help calculate string gauges: send us your string length (vibrating length), pitch, current strings and gauges used if known.

We employ only the finest restorers who have been trained at some of the world's premier institutions.

All of our work is guaranteed and every instrument subject to detailed inspection before we are satisfied that it is suitable for sale. It is by steadfastly maintaining these rigorous standards that we are able to offer only the finest instruments.
We can tailor any of our instruments to suit so if you have a preference for strings, bridge height, chinrest, or anything else for that matter, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. Strings are new on all of the instruments we offer for sale and have been chosen on the basis of suitability for the particular instrument offered.


Making your Purchase

We accept most major credit cards as well as bank transfer for higher value items - giving both you and us a greater degree of security. We also utilise technologies such as VISA and MasterCard' 3D Secure system which, combined with 128bit and 256bit encryption, ensure that transactions on our site are safe and risk-free.

We are happy to advise and help with your choice of instrument but also recognise that, in the end, only you will be able to make a proper judgement as to how well an instrument suits your playing style. Hence our unique 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you can purchase an instrument or bow safe in the knowledge that, should it not be for you, it can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price. All we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping and insurance and that it is returned in the same condition as it was dispatched.


Something to Sell?

We welcome the opportunity to sell instruments or bows on a commission basis but must have physical receipt of the item before we can offer a full appraisal and evaluation. Please email us in the first instance, with photos if at all possible, and we can then give you an indication of suitability as well as send you details of our commission scheme.

  • 146 Stoke Newington Church Street, Clissold, London, N16 0UH, United Kingdom

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