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We are a world leader in wood and accessories for musical instruments and we have the largest stock of wood for instruments in the world.

Over the years we have been constantly increasing the number of wood species, offering different ranges of qualities and prices. Nowadays, we offer more tan 85 different wood species, which allow our customers to build practically any instrument based on wood.

As the quality of the woods prevails over the variety, we personally travel to the country of origin to select the best woods for guitars and stringed instruments. All of them go through a second quality control in our central facilities in Spain.

In addition, we have our own sawmills in Canada and Cameroon, a branch office in China and we are exclusive distributors throughout Europe for Ping Well and Perona, the most sought-after top brand of high-end machine heads on the market.

We are passionate about wood and music, but none of them would be possible without nature. That is why, one of our essential values is to guarantee that the wood comes from sustainable and legal sources and that it has been treated respecting the environment, biodiversity and the regeneration capacity of the forests.

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